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Where it all started

Discover the story of Christina, who knew how to turn adversity into opportunity by launching an innovative spinning business in the midst of a pandemic. As gym closures threatened to end her dream of creating a physical spinning studio, Christina hit on the idea of renting out her stationary bikes and teaching classes online via Zoom. Soon, his mobile studio was born, offering classes in unusual places, such as the Decathlon parking lot in Laval.


The studio in Montreal

Building on this experience, Christina decided to pursue her ambition of making spinning accessible to everyone by opening her first physical studio in the heart of Montreal in the fall of 2022. Thanks to her unwavering commitment, her company has become a true reference in terms of fitness in Montreal and beyond.


The community

Join the Nomade Cycle community and discover a one-of-a-kind spinning experience, where you can train in unexpected places while getting in shape with passionate instructors. Christina's mission is simple: to enable everyone to find a physical activity that suits their lifestyle, wherever they are.


The team

Nomade would be nothing without its extraordinary coaches who give themselves body and soul to offer our community the best possible courses to elevate the customer experience at each course. Find their background and find out who they are on our team page. 

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